Don’t Come Bets

  • Like the come bets, don’t come wagers can be made at any time after a come-out roll where a point was established.

    To make this bet, the players place their chips in the don’t come box. If a 2 or 3 is rolled next, they have an immediate win at even money. If a 12 is thrown next, the bet is a standoff, and should a point number or come number (the same thing) be thrown next (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), the players’ chips are removed from the don’t come box by the dealer.He places them above the place box number that was rolled, on the very top of the layout, to differentiate them from come and place bets.

    At this time players may give the dealer additional chips to wager as a free odds bet, laying the odds against the number just rolled. These chips are placed to one side of the original bet to designate that they are for an odds bet.

    If that number is repeated before a 7 is rolled, then the players casino bonus ohne einzahlung lose the don’t come bet along with the odds bet. Should the good old 7 be rolled before the number is repeated, the players will win both their don’t come and odds bets.

    Don’t come bets are always working, even on the come-out roll. And for some reason the odds bets on don’t come wagers are also always working, even on the come-out roll. Therefore, if a 7 is thrown on the next come-out roll, don’t come bettors will win their bet and odds wager. If the number they had as a don’t come wager is repeated on the come-out roll, they will lose both the don’t come bet and free odds bet.

    Unlike come bets, the house will allow don’t come bets to be removed at any time, but players should never do this, since now the odds are in their favor, because there is more likeli­hood of a ? being thrown than any point or come number being repeated.

    The free odds bets can also be removed at any time, but they should never be removed, because it is to the players’ advantage to have them on the layout. Don’t come bets, like come bets, can be made on every throw of the dice after the come-out roll. The odds against this bet are identical to those on don’t pass-l.4 percent without odds, 0.8 percent with single odds, and 0.6 percent with double odds.

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Don’t Come Bets

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Like the come bets, don't come wagers can be made at any time after a come-out roll where a point was established. To make this bet, the players place their...

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